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October 13, 2018


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My wife is pregnant. We have been trying for years. So, needless to say, I can hardly wait to be a first-time father. But here is the thing. Ever since we received the big news, my wife has been both moody and very distant. We hardly ever do anything anymore, and she always seems to be tired. It’s strange, because she was the one who was so adamant that we have children, while I was always very much on the fence. So you would think she would behave just a little bit more excited. It’s almost as if she is now secretly mad at me—when she was the one who kept insisting that we have children! I have tried being extra nice lately . . . offering to cook her dinner, rub her feet, run errands for her, etc. If anything, I have been nothing less than an absolute dream of a husband. And still nothing seems to be doing the trick to snap her out of this funk. Is there something I am doing wrong and/or something that I should be doing better? Please help, as I am almost at my wit’s end of trying to deal with her constant moodiness.

—Future First-Time Father


Hi, Future First-Time.

No offense, but you do realize that your wife is PREGNANT, yes? So the fact that she is a bit more tired and/or “moody” is by no means that big of a surprise. It goes without saying that your wife’s body is going through a vast multitude of physical and hormonal changes, while for your body everything is just business as usual. That your wife seems a bit more down and withdrawn is also by no means out of the ordinary. With new parenthood imminent on both your horizons, you both have very big changes in store for you . . . with those changes only all the more real and tangible for your lovely wife, who will actually be giving birth to a new human being. So do try to cut her a little more slack. If anything, I would strive to be an even better husband than you already obviously are. Your wife is now more than just simply the love of your life. She is now nothing less than the mother of your future child.

Congrats, by the way, on the big news! There is nothing quite like new parenthood to put all the previously small, insignificant things into the proper perspective.



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