March 24, 2018


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Maybe I just have a really overactive imagination, but I’m almost positive my boss of six months is interested in having an affair with me. We work in a customer-service-based environment. Whenever business is slow, my manager almost always begins to flirt with me. She always touches my arm when she speaks with me, and sometimes she even touches my knee. No matter what I say to her, she always laughs and flutters her eyelashes. Although she’s married and has a kid, I don’t know that she’s all that happy. Her husband is a rich prick, for one thing, for whom nothing ever seems to be good enough. She has also confided in me that they almost never have sex.

If my manager is in fact interested in me, should I go for it? The last thing I want is to make things between me and my manager any more awkward, as I plan to continue working there until I’m finally out of graduate school. At the same time, I don’t know that I want to pass up what might be a really great opportunity. Not only is my manager terribly attractive, but she seems to be actually interested. And it’s not like I’ve been having a whole lot of luck in the love department.

—More Than Just a Mere Employee?


Hello there, More Than Just a Mere Employee.

Looks like you have found yourself in a real pickle. On the one hand, you seem to like your job and don’t want to lose it. On the other, you don’t want to miss out on a potential romantic opportunity.

Unfortunately, I do believe it will be nearly impossible to take both paths simultaneously. You will therefore have to choose between the two options. If you do decide to pursue a romantic relationship, be warned. Even if it does work out and she is in fact interested in you, things will never again be the same for you. What if you have sex and she then regrets it? Worse still, what if her husband finally gets wind of it? Not only will things between you then be very awkward, but her entire marriage may well fall apart—with you getting the full brunt of the blame for it. I therefore suggest you focus on school and your job for the time being and see where things go. If (and that is a very big if) her marriage does not work out, you could always pursue a relationship with your manager later, AFTER you have graduated from school and no longer work there.

In the meantime, I suggest you try and stop with all the flirting. Although your manager may in fact be flirting with you—if anything, just to pass the time—that does not necessarily mean she wants things to progress to the next level. The last thing either one of you needs is to further complicate what is presumably a very busy, demanding workplace with something as potentially life-altering as an extramarital affair.



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