January 19, 2018


Keeper Cover (300 dpi)


I’m very proud to announce that my first ever published e-book is now finally available for purchase. Entitled How to Get a Girl, Then Convince Her You’re a Keeper, this book promises to entail exactly what the title implies: it being nothing less than a detailed guidebook to how to go about approaching a stunningly beautiful and then getting her to realize what a great guy you are.

Culled from my own personal relationship experience, as well as the romantic advice/experiences of numerous others, How to Get a Girl, Then Convince Her You’re a Keeper is very much devoted to preventing other young men out there from making the same stupid mistakes when it comes to dating that I did. Not only is it my hope that many young men out there may well avoid both heartbreak and very terrible confusion, but so too will many women out there also be able to benefit: as the truly good guys out there, who are probably too afraid to approach beautiful women and attempt to date them (like I once was), are now being given the tools and the confidence by which to at long last finally do so.

As I write within the pages of my inaugural e-book, “If even one young man out there is spared the same kind of endless heartache that I, myself, was once exposed to, then I consider this whole literary adventure in every way worth it.” And I wholeheartedly stand by that. This book is in no way about making money or even turning a profit; it is instead about putting as much positivity out there and helping as many other people as I possibly can.

As always, my friends, thanks so much for loyally reading!


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